Saturday, July 25, 2009

Teeth Whitening - Crest or Kroger?

I saw that Crest whitening stripes have sodium hydroxide as an ingredient. It's the same ingredient which is used for toilet bowl cleaning. Isn't this harmful for the teeth? I looked at the Kroger whitening stripes package. There is no sodium hydroxide. Crest is worse and more expensive, Kroger is better and cheaper. Did anybody notice this difference? Who tried Kroger whitening stripes? When my braces will be removed I finally can try it. Do the whitening stripes work?

Teeth Whitening - Crest or Kroger?
I hope you mean 'strips' rather than stripes.

No Krogers in my part of the country but I'm assuming the reference is to any so-called 'store brands' so I'll look for Kroger rival in this western locale.

Thanks for the tip.
Reply:You sure are lucky that your owners gave you braces! I've never seen a dog with braces! Just FYI, Crest White Strips worked for me but I'm not a dog. How do you put them on your teeth?
Reply:crest is the best
Reply:Yes the crest strips are fab. So is Mentadent P paste with peroxide and baking soda. Unfortunatly, neither are available in the UK. I use peroxide solution 9% from Tesco
Reply:I haven't heard about it. But I use Crest White Strips sample. So far, there hasn't been any ill effect or what so ever. You should also consult your dentist. Or, visit this site for more info.
Reply:Once, I even considered having a laser procedure done for whiter teeth. But since I really hate going to a dentist, I tried to find an alternative through this site I now use Crest White Strips sample, and I'm happy about it.
Reply:Hi there,

I was using crest whitestrips and they are great! I got an amazing teeth whitening for a very cheap price.

I bought my Crest whitestrips from a uk company They have a wide range of teeth whitening product at a very good prices. I recommend you to check them out.

Take care

Reply:The crest has a better result.

all whitening procedures use one form of Hydrogen Peroxide or the other. that is the way whitening is done.

In your case... u will have to be very sure that the bonding material of your braces has been removed completely off your teeth, before you try whitening. or your teeth will end up in weird colors other than white.( the bonding material does not react with the bleach and as such will remain the same while the rest of the tooth will be whitened/bleached)

Reply:Yes they work but if you smoke and eat a lot of candy you won't be able to tell if it works or not. The toothpaste won't hurt your teeth.

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  1. I'm trying the Kroger EasyFit whitening trays. I've never whitened my teeth before so this is all very new. The peroxide in it is burning my gums. Not bad enough to take them out though. Just annoying. I was thinking of trying the Kroger strips but they looked funny, they were strips with knotches cut in them for each tooth I guess. THen I saw the whitening trays and I think they were a little cheaper so I bought them.